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Old Cars & Motorsports is for the old car nut, gear head, hot rodder and motorsports enthusiast in the central valley. It is devoted to inform, entertain and promote our hobby and be a format to present events that we enjoy attending.

Events into May 2019
Issue 10.18 - pages 1-24
Events into November 2018
Issue 8.18 - pages 1-16
Issue 8.18 - pages 17-32

Events into September 2018
Issue 6.18 - pages 1-16
Issue 6.18 - pages 17-32

Events into July 2018
Issue 4.18 - pages 1-16
Issue 4.18 - pages 17-32

Events into May 2018
Issue 1.18 - pages 1-16
Issue 1.18 - pages 17-32


How To Get The Paper

1. Subscription price is $20 per year to have the paper mailed to your business or residence. Call Matt at 559-786-2567.

2. Pick up a copy at your Central California Napa or O'Reily Auto Parts. Much appreciation to them for their continued support of our hobby!

3. Send and email to Dave Turney- and we will send you a link to download the paper each time a new issue is printed at no charge.

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